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Thank you for inquiring about property management services through Metro KC Rentals.

I offer start-to-finish tenant and rental property management services, from helping find and screen your potential tenants, through collecting rent, overseeing upkeep and conducting clearance inspections.

Our focus at Metro KC Rentals is to provide exemplary customer service, both to you the property owner, as well as the tenant. Coming from a military family that was stationed in Leavenworth twice, we understand the uncertainty and disruption that comes with being assigned to a new base. It’s why we work closely with our clients to clearly communicate any and all needs and expectations so that the tenant/landlord relationship can be a positive one.

To start, we advertise our available properties daily, and maintain close contact with the Ft. Leavenworth Housing Office, as well as local realtors. We also provide
tenant screening, property evaluation, premises inventories, and entrance and clearance inspections.

At Metro KC Rentals, we provide full property maintenance services, including working with tenants on proper tenant training. We will advise them on how to perform routine maintenance tasks, such as changing furnace filters, cleaning air conditioning condensers, and maintaining garbage disposals, as well as keeping an eye out for potential problems. In addition, we conduct regular premises inspections to ensure your tenants are taking care of the property, while also identifying any short or long-term maintenance needs.

We address many problems without the need of an outside service call, thereby helping keep your costs down. When outside service companies are required, we have a roster of local companies we rely upon, but will also utilize a particular service company you may prefer, or if required by an existing warranty (i.e. American Home Shield).

Team at Metro KC Rentals are available 24 hours a day to ensure your property is protected. If your property is vacant during inclement weather, we monitor the
heating system and ensure no water leaks are present. We ensure the utilities are on as necessary when vacant, and will terminate utilities when a tenant takes
possession. We also understand the importance of how your property looks from the sidewalk. In the spring and summer, whether your property is occupied or
vacant, we monitor the yard to ensure the grass is being mowed, and that the landscaping is being watered sufficiently.

Metro KC Rentals will provide monthly statements with pertinent information regarding your property. We can collect rent, and then deposit your monthly income at your designated bank or other financial institution, or forward the income directly to your residence.

We do not receive a management fee until your property is rented. Because management fees should be based on the unique needs of a particular investment property, we will be glad to discuss an appropriate management fee with you. Our goal is to protect your investment property, while generating maximum income and enhancing your capital investment.

We would be glad to meet with you to answer any additional questions you might have about our services.

Thanks for giving Metro KC Rentals the opportunity to manage your home!

Matt Warner
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Rental Management Agreement

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